Am I too young to write a will?

Posted on February 27, 2012


27th February 2012           A rather morbid diary entry!!!!!! Although somewhat interesting to write…

Prob not written a diary entry for over 2 years yet sat in the Malta flat with Jenny and Mum, i’m emoted to put down some words as they’re discussing wills. And i’m trying to pretend i’m not eavesdropping, by thinking of what could go in my own will. If I had one. So I wrote up a list of all my stuff, and it looked something pathetically like this:

Black bed

White bed




Sofa Bed

Jewellry Box (and jewellry)

Bank Savings (including flat deposit of £1440)


TV/Surround Sound/PC Speakers

And it goes on a bit with various bits of crap furniture nobody would want, plus some momentos and things of personal value.

I then wrote a list of all the people I ought to leave something to and tried divvying it all up, only I realised it would practically be a final insult – or a reminder of what a pain in the ass I can be – by dumping my worthless clunky possessions on my most treasured friends.

It made me question really what I’m worth (not much) and also put focus on the fact that if I did die in 2012, the worse thing would be that i’d be leaving £12k of debt for my poor loving mother to have to mop up.

So after doing my 3 year financial plan the other day, I can’t die until the end of 2014. Or more conveniently, May 2015 would mean I actually could leave something.

By May 2015 I plan to have some savings. If I’m alive I could really do with having this cash. It would make quite a nice deposit for a flat. So does this mean that if I draw up a will I have to write it out in assumption that I won’t die this year? Or do I just put in the will that any savings I have all go to my mum?

Should I die before that ‘will’ gets written then I guess this roughly typed diary entry will have to do.

So here’s how I would like my stuff to get distributed:

Mum – all savings in the bank, including any flat deposit held by landlady/lettings agent. If i’m still at 46b Adys Road, the deposit is with the landlady (Yoshiko Sano) – phone number in my blackberry) and its worth £1440. Also the wicker ottoman we both love that she bought me from The Pier.

Mark – All electrical equipment, which he can sell, and use the cash to buy a flight to Ghana to distribute my ashes. Presumably, because I never went. And I always wanted to go.

Adam – I bought my bed when I was with him, and he’s the only boyfriend who’s shared it with me. And it was our bed when we lived together. The stains on the mattress are his, and his alone. It always felt like our bed, not mine. And I know he’ll be moving to a new home sometime this year.  If I die before then, the bed is his. Or is that weird? Am I forcing him to think of me before he goes to bed every night? Hmmm. I wouldn’t want that. He’s free to sell the bed and buy a new one anyway. I’d also want him to have all the momentos from our relationship and time together… the little notes & photos. Also my massive Sony headphones. And my African masks, and the framed card of red peppers (which I gave him when his auntie died).

Gemma & Jasmine – Clothes/bags/shoes. We’re the same size and have similar taste. Take what you want and sell the rest on ASOS Marketplace. Create an online store called Gammo Girl, with proper branding and everything. Both of you model the clothes – chuck in your own un-used clothes/shoes/bags etc and make as much cash as you can selling it all.

Gemma – Jewellry and Jewellry box (the one adam bought me)

Genevieve – my paintings, and my three Africa photo albums.

Vicki – my rugs (not coz she’s ever said she likes them, but coz thinking about it she doesn’t have any rugs in her house. So maybe it would be a nice thing to receive). Also my black shelf unit, which used to be Gen’s that she left for me at adys road.

Harry (my soon to be god son) – my black desk (if he doesn’t need it he can sell it).

Jane – my antique red desk chair (for the girl that has everything!)

Isaac  (my god son) – I dont’ know what to give him, I wish I had something I could give him. Even if it was £1000 as a cash gift for when he was 18 or something. But in 18 years, that £1000 aint gonna be worth much unless it’s handled properly and put into a trust that can mature.

Saskia (my soon to be god daughter) – same as with Isaac I think.

With Harry, saskia and Isaac it would be super cool if I could leave them enough that it would be something in 10-20 years, without it taking too much money away from my mum. I’d love them to do something special with the money, not blow it on something materialistic, but on something life changing, like university, or a trip abroad. Something they might not be able to do otherwise because of other priorities.

Ben – I’d give him back the CD he once gave me (the Fabric Live one) with a note inside. Need to write the note still. If note never gets written, he needs to know there would have been a note. The CD is in the kitchen at Adys Road in one of the drawers… that CD has been listened to a fair bit over the years.

This laptop can go back to Mark. As much as i’ve loved him for giving it me, and as much as it’s great and pretty decent, whenever I seem to get into typing, the cursor moves and the words start typing somewhere else in the document. It’s really fricking annoying. Even as i typed this paragraph it did it and somehow highlighted the paragraph I just typed and deleted it. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

It’s also been so long since I used word on a PC I don’t get how it works. I tried to look for Edit – Undo. And there’s no freaking Edit in the menu bar. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.