Arrested Development

Posted on December 4, 2012


So far this blog seems to be one massive pity party. Yup i’ve been watching too much Awkward. But thinking about language, how we talk about our misgivings and misdemeanours just sent me on a bit of a path to 2009 – the year it seems I wrote quite a lot about my love life, kept a journal, wrote short stories and I did things like keep all my emails, filing them away in case I might like to read them back someday.

Reading back how I wrote to people – friends, flirtations, exes and anyone else I could get an email address from by the look of it, the tonality, attempted humour and self deprecation – it made me ugly cringe.

I actually kept various emails because they meant something to me. You know, in a modern letter writing sort of way I thought those emails might be the mark of who I am when i’m brown bread.

Maybe i’m partly cringing at myself for the way I felt about the sorts of things that now, slightly older and wiser, I wouldn’t waste anytime over.

Hey, in this age of arrested development anyway (I say age because as a psychological reference I only just came across it) – that might have been the hand of a 29 year old typing, but there was probably a 14 year old trapped in there.

I think she’s probably aged about 10 years since then. And my dad – who’s turning 70 soon – reckons he still feels like a 24 year old. So i’m happy with that.

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