Kill Santa not Trees

Posted on December 24, 2012



What is it about Christmas that brings me out in wet dog scented hives?

We all run around spending money we don’t have buying presents for the people we love  that they’ll hardly ever use.

The table gets littered with glitter and paper based crap that ends the day in a bin sack.

We cook ridiculous amounts of food, stuff ourselves with gluttony and greed and released restraint for this one special day of the year where it’s ok to eat to fill the void. Without a spare thought for the thousands and thousands of people who spend this most celebrated day alone. Or in the cold.

Sat in church just now waiting for the carols to start, I had to get out of there. I needed some time alone. I left my parents there singing Hallelujah.

I’ve felt great this past week – a pretty tough year fading into the distance as its end draws near. 2013’s going to be a fresh start. I know it will be different, I can feel happiness creeping back into my bones and DNA. But today’s realisation that tomorrow is Christmas day, the ultimate day of the year, the best day of all, full of presents, and laughter and love and surprises, made me feel cynical at best.

It’s just another day. More crap on the tv. Arguments with the rents over silly things. Irritable bowels. Excess and over-excess.

At least I’m not cooking traditional Christmas turkey. Jerk chicken all the way. And we have no presents this year. And my tree is fake. But i’ve jerked some brussels. I guess traditions are hard to eradicate altogether 🙂

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