12 Reasons to be Cheerful #1: Appreciate Your Lot

Posted on January 22, 2013



1. I’ll start with a bit of vanity. I am 33, but still have my youthful looks.

2. I own my own flat in central London (well zone 2. But i’m close to the river).

3. I have a really good job with a great company and good people who are genuinely happy to be there.

4. I feature in a loving family of neurotic but well meaning, thoughtful animals.

5. I have some of the most like minded gorgeous individuals in my inner circle. That money could buy.

6. My new soft toy dog, is really big. And soft. And gives me lots of pleasure.

7. I have a new, less crunchy sounding, knee.

8. My brother is safe and well, and coming back from Afghanistan soon.

9. I’m texting/talking to a really really FIT GUY from POF, who I shall hopefully be meeting – and potentially romancing – soon.

10. I have so much unfulfilled potential, it’s exciting. Whoohoo! (ahem).

11. When I write my blog, I genuinely self-therapise and feel so much better afterwards. When people LIKE my posts, I feel a sense of pride and excitement and validity that i’m actually an alright writer and have somewhat interesting ideas. Yup. It’s that button. Just below?

12. I don’t have three fingers instead of teeth.

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