Girls – Season 2 Episode 5 ‘I want all the things’

Posted on February 13, 2013


Saw this episode the other night and fell in love with Girls all over again.

Series one was good, not amazing but worth watching all the way through. Series two, to be honest I was talking to my flatmate through most episodes and really losing interest. It felt so self involved, shallow, darting around from one situation to another without really pulling you in or giving you many opportunities to care.

Episode 5, critically acclaimed as writer and lead actress’ Lena Dunham’s best episode to date sees Lena’s character Hannah walking into a situation that totally changes her life.

If you’ve not seen Girls before (you don’t have Sky most likely) then hunt this episode down and watch it all by itself. It works as a stand alone. Not everyone will get it, but for those that do, it’s really quite beautiful. Amazingly so.

Oh – and even more importantly for many of us, the episode stars the rather delectable Patrick Wilson… need I say more?