New Job!

Posted on February 19, 2013



Congratulations to me! I got a new contract today, my first ever freelance contract and i’m ever so excited.

Apologies to my dear loyal regular readers who’ve waded through paragraphs of frustration this last month as i’ve agonised and agonised in a stress haze.

That really isn’t me.

A fun brunch with an old colleague, then a really good therapy session (yay! I can continue to afford therapy!) and a brilliant final meeting with my new boss to agree on my new role. It’s a promotion and a bit of a pay increase all rolled into one. Not to mention a FREAKIN amazing opportunity. Like, totes amaze (said with sincerest irony). But it really IS amazing.

I feel like everything’s clicking into place for once.

I joined the other day too – obviously tired of relying on old flames for company – and bored to death of the losers on POF (FIT GUY excluded). And I already have a date on Saturday night with a cute Irish guy and another date with a serious adult bloke person next Thursday!

And there’s no messing about on Match, these guys are serious. Yes yes you have to wade through the desperados like everywhere but I seem to be meeting relatively sane, normal, healthy, adult males who are in their early to mid 30s, never married, and they want to take me out to dinner and cocktails. How novel!

New job

New man?

New life 2013 🙂

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