Take a gamble on love

Posted on March 18, 2013


“Got in to work this morning after a week off to move, to find a package for me. had a little cry. thanks for that.” – The Great Love, via Skype

I sent THE GREAT LOVE a card I made last week to his work, with the note ‘No regrets Xx’. Accompanied with it was a well-read version of the erotic novel Exit to Eden by Anne Rice. I carried that damn package around for a week in my bag, getting all crumpled. I walked to the post office several times and turned back, every time with a seemingly justifiable reason.




Lack of time.


Inside the book I had written, ‘one of my favourite books. I want it back someday. Preferably in person 🙂 ‘ And I had scrawled down – somewhat neatly and considered – my new address.

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