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I can really relate to this quote

July 20, 2013


Thank you dear readers, for putting up with my stuff

July 17, 2013


You might not always like my posts (I’m not even sure I do sometimes!), but thankfully they’re getting read, much more than I could ever have hoped for, according to the stats. The numbers are humble, but each and every one of my 200 views a month is precious to me (100 of those are […]

Why I said goodbye to the Pilot…

July 16, 2013


I have just realised that I never explained the story of why I am not seeing The Pilot anymore. I think I last mentioned that he blew me out because his head was in a mess last Wednesday. I didn’t get back to his messages and gave it some space for a day. Then on […]

My ex has got a new girlfriend. Facebook kindly let me know.

July 16, 2013


I was just perusing through my facebook newsfeed and a massive photo announcing my ex-boyfriend’s new relationship status flashed up in front of my very eyes. Including comments from him underneath in response to his friends’ comments. ‘You make a lovely couple. Perfect for each other!’ – one said. Ouch. ‘Oh so you’re making it […]

You like me, and I like you. That’s a pretty solid, unchallengable fact – right?

July 11, 2013


After my epiphany yesterday where I realised that just because you ignore someone, it doesn’t mean you don’t respect or like them (in relation to my own coping strategy with The Pilot), I found myself writing an email to the person whom I really care about. Anyway, I sent the email. I just did it. […]

Empowerment mission scuppered

July 10, 2013


Damn. I just got a text from The Pilot telling me he can’t see me tonight now, and that he’ll call me later to explain. I knew he was on the rebound. Talking to his ex yesterday has obviously taken him back to a breakup headspace. And I can’t knock the guy for that. I’m […]

One membership for the self preservation society please

July 10, 2013


So I woke up this morning feeling a little anxious. I was hungover and couldn’t sleep. You know that thing that always happens when you go to bed late after a bottle or two of wine and all you wanna do is sleep then you wake up five hours later wide awake? Stuff. On. My. […]