It’s annoying when you spend the night with someone, and it makes you think of your ex boyfriend

Posted on July 7, 2013


I have an extremely hungover man in my bed and he won’t move.

It’s not that I want him to go home, but having to deal with a really ill person wasn’t what I had in mind on this beautiful day.

And I can’t help but find myself comparing this sleep-over experience with The Pilot, with previous boyfriends. Mainly my ex boyfriend, and The Great Love.

The Great Love and I would have fucked all night, and it would have been amazing with lots of declarations of how we feel and intensity, and then he’d hang around for a bit then scoot off home (he always had somewhere to be, something to do). Plus neither of us drink that much so we’d never be hungover, just a bit tired and spaced out.

My ex-boyfriend and I would take it in turns to get up and make each other tea or breakfast, he was really good at doing this cute little pancake dish with yoghurt and honey, and we’d laze in bed all day watching movies, letting the breeze come in from his massive window and driving each other crazy from touching each other, which inevitably led to fucking. And I remember it would feel like absolute bliss.

I guess we can all romanticize these things, and of course I’m remembering what it was like when me and my exes were close: whereas I’ve known this guy pretty much one week so I can’t be too judgmental.

Besides, he’s leaving the country in less than a month.

I think we were too drunken for me to make any rash judgements about this experience – it was fun, but certainly nothing to write about. Yet.

The best part of the evening though was hanging out with his mates and my best friend, and us having these sly little looks and smiles every now and again and then as the evening wore on we got more and more loved up. Was really nice. He’s a bit of a slag though (his own confession) and its a bit of a turn off. I know he likes me though, but I just don’t like the thought of him fucking loads of random girls. Maybe its just because I haven’t been fucking loads of guys. Dunno. But it wasn’t that spiritual an experience.

Oh shit – there I just said it.

Spiritual sex. I’m not sure its a certified concept, but sex with the two people who have influenced my sex life the greatest in my life, had a spiritual quality to them when it came to kissing, touching, caressing etc. It always felt like I was high, transported to some other place.

Gonna sign off now and sit and read something intelligent whilst I wait for him to get up.

I may make some eggs.

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