My ex has got a new girlfriend. Facebook kindly let me know.

Posted on July 16, 2013


I was just perusing through my facebook newsfeed and a massive photo announcing my ex-boyfriend’s new relationship status flashed up in front of my very eyes.

Including comments from him underneath in response to his friends’ comments.

‘You make a lovely couple. Perfect for each other!’ – one said.


‘Oh so you’re making it official now?’ – said another. To which he replied ‘we were always official, but I guess its just more so now.’


Weirdly, about a month or so ago we had been chatting on facebook having a laugh, he was asking me about my parents and had said we would catch up / hang out the following week – I had told him I missed his friendship; only he never called when he said he would. I am disappointed he didn’t take that opportunity to tell me he had a new girlfriend. What was I gonna do, break down in tears? It’s been two years for fucks sake.

It’s been longer than we were ever together.

Anyway, I just thought i’d share this news. 

I am glad he looks happy.

It’s just always annoying when someone meets someone before you do eh.

And I suppose it was bad timing because I only said goodbye to The Pilot last Thursday (and I have to admit I’ve been missing him).

I am trying to stay positive.

It’s annoying when people say that though isn’t it, because you know they’re not staying positive one little bit.

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