Thank you dear readers, for putting up with my stuff

Posted on July 17, 2013


You might not always like my posts (I’m not even sure I do sometimes!), but thankfully they’re getting read, much more than I could ever have hoped for, according to the stats. The numbers are humble, but each and every one of my 200 views a month is precious to me (100 of those are probably me re-reading my post and re-editing it mind you!!). Although I have generated nearly 100 followers since I started this blog back in October last year.

Ok, nearly 80.

This blog was called something different back then – my first name and my last name. How very inventive of me. But really, it was The Truth (which has ended up being my avatar name. I’m not all that great at this techy lark).

On NYE it became Trier Equals Winner – my mantra for 2013 after I won a £50 bar tab for being the only person to bother turning up in fancy dress at my local pub.


Alas, a few weeks ago I had to change the name again, and decided I would use the working title of my yet to be finished novel – a piece of writing I would like to complete next year when I do my Eat Pray Love tour. Only mine will be more like Write, Fuck, Learn.

Hey look, a girl can dream… 🙂

Anyhoo (actually where the frick does anyhoo come from and why am I contributing so repeatedly to the bastardisation of the English language?!) – for those who have been loyally following my journey from depressed, confused and angry thirty something to less depressed, less confused and relatively zen thirty something you will (I am sure) have enjoyed some moments of suspense, related to other moments of frustration and felt an allegiance with some of my musings on the world, how people treat each other, what relationships, love and sex even mean and how my personal experiences have taught me everything I know (despite my mother wishing it had all come from her).

So for those of you who stuck with me, even when you wondered if I would ever learn – I am eternally thankful.

I started this blog to chart my journey through some pretty dark times, to have an outlet to vent what was really in my head (since we all self-sensor to everyone we know most of the time, don’t we) and equally I wanted to create a space that offered ‘The Truth’ about my own personal experiences with depression, a place where other like minded high functioning men and women could relate and see that they weren’t alone.

And I have spent – knowingly – and sometimes ashamedly, A LOT of time processing out loud, my insecurities frustration and sadness around a person who I have been calling The Great Love. This is where I introduced him and his complicated issues HERE. This person is a good friend of mine, and to say we have had our ups and downs is an understatement. This relationship has in so many ways define my neuroses and exposed them – like shoving a mirror inside my brain and forcing my subconscious to take a good hard look at itself.

Nothing major really.

What else has been going on? Yes that’s right, you have seen me through a period of celibacy, through loneliness, joy and excitement, titillation and you were even witness to my first attraction to a male, in a very very long time.

Whom I called The Pilot.

Who I am trying to forget did a really smelly poo in my windowless bathroom (my post on this here). Who emailed me today asking for my address as he wanted to post me something. Who leaves to go travelling to the other side of the world in three days.

But now I have someone to visit in Guatamala, so thank you God.

The Pilot caused me to have a moment of clarity last week and I ended up writing The Great Love an email, did you see it? READ IT HERE.

And I’ll update you on that one later this week, but I do have news on it. And it’s not bad news 🙂




So thank you!

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