Last week I was happy, now this is the reality…

Posted on August 11, 2013


This was part of my previous post Top 10 Reasons why I love my Great Love; but I thought I would separate it out as it was a bit too long.

I have no doubt about the way I feel about this person, whom I love greatly.

But what’s niggling me is how I am responding to his aspergers. Not his aspergers per se, but the way he communicates as a result of it.

Last week I wrote how I was happy right?

And this is what always happens… we don’t stay connected. Our ‘love life’ suddenly becomes a series of fragmented text conversations and i’ll try to reassure him about how I feel and he’ll start to withdraw, causing me to question whether i’ve said the right thing.

Would love to know if anyone else has had any experience with this sort of thing and if you have any tips on what to do about it?

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