Changing tact… a new muse – myself.

Posted on August 31, 2013


I think this has been the longest gap that I haven’t written this blog since I started it back in October last year.

I was sort of starting to bore myself.

I can’t even imagine what you were thinking.

Over this past month, I didn’t get the urge to write, even though I did get the urge (if you know what I mean) – I lost myself for a moment there. I didn’t know what direction I was supposed to go in, and I wanted to figure myself out first before I shared it with anyone.

Then last week my therapist said – why don’t you do some writing?

So here I am.

The brief?

To talk about myself.

Not where I am right now, but my past. My journey. My own story.

So The Truth (aka me) is going to start sharing that truth.

I’ll write one or two stories a week, maybe more, maybe less.

Watch this space.

Keep an open mind.

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