Dream #1: I wanna open my own cafe

Posted on September 1, 2013


Someone planted a seed in my thoughts the other week, that one day I am going to open my own cafe.

This has been a long held dream of mine.

I’m often playing fantasy-cafe in my head whilst I cook, and I long for running my own business one day, being my own boss.

If I opened my own cafe it would have to be:

– Non pretentious

– Welcoming

– Unique: unlike any other cafe on the planet

– Affordable for customers but profit driving

– Delicious

– Simple & uncumbersome

– Good business sense (with easy options to franchise)

I would want to include local art on the walls, pull in second hand furniture from junk shops and have an overall sustainable vibe to the whole place. People could make bids for the furniture and i’d be happy to sell it to them, then just go and find something else to replace it.

Maybe i’d even work with Emmaeus the homeless charity to re-purpose or upcycle old furniture and then give any proceeds from sales back to them. I might hold pop up events to encourage the community to have a space to sell their wares, perform or get their name out in some way.

I might work with young people from the local area to train them up in how to run a social enterprise, or work in catering.

On the menu would be a range of breakfast foods with a difference, drawing on my own oddball recipes and more traditional dishes. The breakfast burrito I just made (which inspired me to write this post) would be my signature dish, plus my range of homemade soups would have people talking – stuff like ‘Sunday Roast Soup’ or ‘Hangover Cure’.

I’d invite those in need to come down at the end of every day and let them finish off anything that’s left over. Or give them food parcels to take away.

I hate waste. I really hate waste. But when you run an eating establishment there is always going to be waste.

Chinese and Indian restaurants do their Sunday buffet right? And you know why that is. You also know why you always get a bad tummy after the Sunday buffet?

My cafe wouldn’t keep old food from the week and then try and sell it off later, keeping it warm under heat lamps all day – I’d make soups from the leftovers, freeze it, have a limited volume on the menu every day so it doesn’t hang around in the heat, then I’d give any leftovers to people who can’t afford to eat.

I’d call my cafe:

Good & Naughty

On every menu item there’d be two versions that you can order: Good & Naughty.

Just like with the breakfast burrito I just had.

Good would have been grilled bacon, two eggs. Naughty is fried bacon, three eggs AND cheese.

Plus there’s the double meaning with the social enterprise element… the mission is good, for people with a naughty streak.

I just made all this up.

It’s kinda good though huh?

Example Menu


Own style burrito – scrambled eggs, spring onion, wilted spinach, hot sauce, bacon, sausages in a soft flour garlic or plain tortilla

Traditional – hashbrowns, baked beans, grilled tomato, bacon, eggs (however you want), sausages, toast

Vegetarian – any of the above minus the meat or vegetarian alternative

Muff Muffin – choose from poached or scrambled eggs, wilted spinach or kale, hollandaise or homemade hot tomato sauce

Pancakes – blueberry or plain with honey, yoghurt and seasonal fruit (strawberrys, mango or banana)

Toasted or fresh croissant with either ham, continental cheese, chocolate or jam

Crunchy nut cornflakes with seasonal fruit and superfood seeds on the side

Mature or Mild cheddar on toast

Selection of toasted sandwiches


Hangover soup – it’s a surprise, just trust us (or ask us for more information)

Roast chicken dinner southern style – 1/4 roasted chicken, sweet potato mash, sweetcorn, seasonal greens and homemade gravy

Spaghetti like you’ve never had it – tomatoes, bacon, anchovies, capers, aubergine, parsley

Caribbean Kedgeree – rice with peas and various other ingredients such as bacon, peas, okra, smoked haddock, prawns

Marinated chicken salad – yoghurt and spices coat the chicken, combined with crunchy salad, olives, vine tomatoes and avocado

Eggy bread & cheese toasted sandwich – only available in naughty