Life, Unexpected

Posted on September 12, 2013


I just watched the whole of season one of this US drama series called Life Unexpected in three days straight.

No, it wasn’t a mini series.

You know that feeling you get when something just totally takes over your life? That obsessive, almost life affirming feeling you get from being invited into the world of a group of characters that by the end of it feel like your friends?

You know that type of TV show that when watching it, it utterly transports you to another place. Where you laugh, cry and feel like the world makes total sense for a few minutes? Well, the 40 minutes of each episode anyway. That’s what it just did for me.

Boarding on ever so slightly sappy, its not a ‘cool’ tv show per se. I won’t be bragging about it on facebook – it’s no Breaking Bad.

Perhaps one for the girls I’d say.

Although my brother, he would LOVE this. Oddly he introduced me to (shhh no judgements) — (shhhhh) — One (ahem) Tree Hill. You know, he watched the first five seasons back to back in Afghanistan. Off one of his military buddies hard drives.

Life has a funny way of showing itself sometimes 🙂 But I digress.

Of course there’s a love triangle.

Of course everyone’s hot.

Sure, they all have endless amounts of money, amazing homes and great wardrobes.

But beneath the cliches is some pretty gripping scriptwriting and ‘wrap yourself in a blanket and forget your ills’ melodrama.


It’s on Netflix.

Girls (and shameless boys), check it out!