Sorry for the silence…

Posted on November 13, 2013


… I left you (whoever ‘you’ are) hanging a bit.

I’m sorry.

The last thing I wrote was that I was going to a love addiction workshop. But I never made it. I had to work that weekend in the end.

Plus since then, I’ve not been very well. The damn dog came back growling ferociously and i’ve been running from it since. Where’s that muzzle when you need one eh?

I was reading someone’s blog just now and I noticed a weird icon i’d not seen before in the top right of wordpress and it intrigued me. Turns out someone, or two people to be precise, have contributed to a sudden sharp spike of traffic on my site. So much so, that wordpress felt it deemed worthy of telling me.

A total of 40 articles you’ve read between you. On the same day. Apparently.

So you’ve broken me out of silence.

I know nothing about you, yet you know so much now about me. I know which posts you have read hah. And I am strangely curious. Who are you? Do I know you? Did I write something that kept you delving deeper? (Durr). Could you relate to my situation? Did I help you in any way, like other people’s blogs help me?

What’s interesting is that neither of you liked a single post, or wrote a single comment.

Do you know me?!!



Whoever you are, you mean something to me.

Thank you for reminding me, that I’m not alone.

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