Feeling uninspired, like your life is on repeat?

Posted on November 17, 2013


Last week I had a conversation with a colleague. It went a little something like this:

Me: I’m bored. I have no release. I don’t do anything naughty anymore. I have no vice. I don’t even smoke. I rarely get drunk [whilst i’m ordering bottles of wine]. I’m not fucking anyone. I can’t be arsed to go to the gym. I hate running. I have a crappy knee. I’m not even on the frontline with my job. I’m not networking. I’m feeling uninspired, like my life is on repeat. I recently changed my journey into work just to spice things up. Things have gotten bad. When I’m with people, I feel boring. I don’t feel like I have any stories to tell.

Him: When I feel like that, I put aside £100. I buy a bottle of rum. I buy two tickets to a really good gig, and treat a friend. And I’ll spend the rest on doing something out of the ordinary. I’ll treat a mate who probably wouldn’t usually be able to afford to go out. We’ll get drunk. Jump around to some live music. Let off steam.

So today I did my £100.

I booked a zip car for 24 hours for £65. Suddenly I had ‘wheels’ (for a day).  AKA Freedom.

Last night, I went to pick up the car. Excitement started the minute I got in.

I couldn’t work out how to drive it.

The windows were steaming up.

It was dark out.

I couldn’t see anything. And my heart was racing.


Once I’d figured out how to drive it, and then stop at the side of the road and switch the lights on (which were on a dial on the right hand side under the steering wheel – who knew!), then all was left was to crank the stereo. I was good to go. I drove it home, parked it and beeped the keys to lock it. What a pro.

Then this morning I embarked on a mini adventure. Well, a golf adventure if you will.

I drove 40-something miles (seemed longer in the car!) from South East London a quarter way round the M25 and then down to West Sussex on the M23. I drove faster than the speed limit sometimes reaching speeds of up to 95 miles an hour, and I barely had to tap the peddle. Zip zip! Of course was careful to hover nearer the limit when there were cameras.

I’m probably going to get a ticket.

Last time I owned a car it always sounded like it was coughing up phlem after a night chain smoking.

This baby ran smooth like a barbiturate dream.

I even ran a red light.

Sort of.

But let’s pretend I did.

And what did I do in Sussex? Well, bar tearing up the highway, it aint too tall a tale to be honest but it was a little buzz of sorts. I went and did some property viewings around a couple of areas I like – Lewes and some villages within a 5 mile radius of it. Quaint little places with tudor buildings (so from the 1700s – I think) all low ceilings, and wonky floors. I fantasised about being Kate Winslet in The Holiday owning her own little cottage in a snowy quintessential English village, and took an old friend from uni with me – avec 12 month old Esme – who screamed, gargled and wailed her way through the day like only a professional child could.

After a cup of tea back at hers, I found myself talking with her hubby about spiritualism versus religion. He’s doing that Alpha Course which I’d seen advertised on the buses up here that have those tantalising posters on them of urban looking males attention grabbing headlines like ‘Wondering what it all means?’ ‘Ever wondered if there’s more to life?’.

He told me to read Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion. I told him I’d bought it 14 years ago for my best friend Sam at Uni.

Hubby was feeling proud of himself for disrupting the class with his atheist approach. Apparently 4 people had dropped out since he’d been challenging the lecturer. When asked why he was doing a christianity course if he doesn’t agree with christianity, he muttered ‘to save my marriage’. My good friend from uni is possibly one of the younger, and more attractive people who still goes to church every Sunday.

We moved on from spirituality and energy as a belief system to outer space. I was encouraged to see the film Gravity.

I just got home from seeing Gravity at my local picture house. In 3D. And they were right, it’s breathtaking. Literally.

I dropped the car off back at its resting spot, and had a brisk ten minute walk home passing handfuls of party goers, glad that was not me.

I arrived home, with a renewed blush in my cheeks.

So that was my £100 day.

What would you do, if you were bored and uninspired and had £100 to shake things up?

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