It all starts at yes

Posted on November 20, 2013


So with my new found realisation that I can be a total pussy sometimes, i’m going to start saying ‘yes’ a lot more.

A lot can happen, when you start saying yes.

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you just started saying yes to more things? And then seeing them through of course.

Last weekend I hired a car and drove down to Sussex, looked at some properties and went to the late screening of Gravity – all by myself. And I loved every minute of it. Speeding down the motorway was a rush. And being in the queue for popcorn with dozens of couples and feeling smug that I felt fine about it, was a different kind of satisfaction.

So in a mini sort of ‘eat – pray – love’ experiment, I am going to put myself out there over the coming months and see-through a few things that have been on my bucket list for a while. Stuff I would LOVE to do, but just never do it – mainly because I suppose I’ve been using the excuse that I don’t have anyone to do it with. Or that i’m too tired. Or don’t feel well enough.

And i’m going to sign up and do a few things of a social nature that involved getting out there and meeting new people, but on my own. Stuff where usually i’d be like, ‘oh but I like that idea in theory, but in reality i’m just not sure I can be arsed enough to do it’. Mainly because I’d have to meet new people and make small talk and my brain is naughtily whispering to me that they’re probably all internet saddos who have no friends.

Which we all know isn’t really true don’t we, dear internet friends đŸ™‚

Here’s my top 10 list:

1. Sign up to ‘Meet Up’ and join a film group. Go watch a film with a random bunch of strangers, then talk about it after.

2. Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous

3. ‘Energy Clearing’ meditation class

4. Course of Reiki sessions, and then learn how to do Reiki myself

5. Violin or Piano lessons (minimum 4 lessons)

6. Abseiling. When I was in South Africa I did an excursion and got as far as standing on the edge of a cliff all roped up, then bottled it

7. Say ‘yes’ to someone, and stick to it, when they invite me out. Fear or no fear that they may make romantic advances (or not).

8. (linking to 7) Tell someone how I really feel to their face, even if it might mean rejecting their advances. In a non awkward, charming, loveable, we can still be friends, way.

9. Book a log cabin in the woods, and go be miss independent for a weekend.

10. When someone chats me up in the street, give them my number instead of always saying that I have a boyfriend.

Actually, by 10 I was running out of ideas.

The street-chatter-uppers tend to always be foreign, seemingly desperate, or shady. It’s probably a good idea I stay guarded.

I guess the point to this exercise is that we create mental blocks for ourselves. We stop ourselves from moving forward out of fear. We reluctantly try new things, think about doing new things, or fantasise about doing them without ever having any intention of ACTUALLY doing them – and really, what kind of life is that?

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