I am going to Thailand for New Years Eve 2013

Posted on November 27, 2013


So I’ve bought the flight.

I’ve even managed to recruit a couple of people who were also going out there alone from my facebook network. One, a film journo, lives in London – we used to work together 10 years ago in Bournemouth; the other, a friend that I met on the Fiji Experience bus, who is from Canada.

Oh – and a friend of a friend who I’ve met a couple of times is going to Ko Chang for six weeks. This is particularly interesting to me because he’s really into yoga retreats and meditation etc. Like me! (I like thinking about yoga – meditation I actually do do from time to time – usually in times of dire need).

They’re not total strangers, they’re not my closest mates.

It’s a recipe for the perfect break. No offence taken if we go our separate ways, and lots of getting to know each other to be had.

I prefer holidays with people I don’t know very well… its less pressure and there’s always more conversation and laughs to be had I find. It’s too complicated with old friends, everyone tends to be stuck in their ’14 year old’ self (or whatever year they met) and old habits die hard. People can be annoying on holiday if you know them too well… too much trying to please, reluctantly compromising, passive agressiveness, and drunken outbursts, strops and arguments. Right?

I’m thinking about holidays because i’m currently sat in a hotel room, wrapped in a once fluffy (now starchy) white dressing gown, with matching white slippers. DJ Yoda (playing a reggae set) on the mini rig.

There was sun a minute ago, but it just dipped behind the other side of the hotel. But I’m starting at two palm trees none the less, so its all good.

Sadly, not for all life though. A fly just flew into my freshly boiled cup of peppermint tea. It wriggled for 2 seconds, then died. Rest in peace little one.

His brothers seem to want a sip too, so its taking me ages to type this as I brush them away from a Thelma Louise fate.

I’m in Malta.

Family holiday.

Bit of a family reunion actually.

And instead of practicing the art of living in the ‘now’ i’m looking forward – to New Years Eve 2013 – wondering where in Thailand I need to be. Is it Ko Chang? And if so, where?! Is it the neighbouring island of Ko Kood (or Ko Kut, depending on how you say it).

Or what about Pai?

I’ve heard great things about Pai. I want to do a Reiki course in Pai. And travel round on a scooter visiting small villages and hanging out with the Monks.

If you’re an avid reader of this blog (one of the few. Ok, two) you’ll know that going back to Thailand is a big thing for me. I started 2013 saying I was going to go back for the 10th anniversary…which is boxing day 2014. But this is a different trip – more of a spiritual, adventure tour of the parts I’ve yet to see, to take me a million miles away from my current stagnant existence, to hopefully shake off the dark clouds and wriggle out that itchy foot. Next year i’ll go back to Lanta, where it happened. My version of events at least, anyway. Maybe poke around Sumatra a bit.

So – if you’ve been to any of the above places… feel like you ‘found’ somewhere super special, unique, peaceful or heavenly then please leave a comment. I’m curious to do this all by recommendations.


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