What is wrong with me?

Posted on November 29, 2013


Here I am in Malta, one of my favourite places in the world… i’m in a 5 star hotel, watching a programme about a family of midgets on TLC on the TV, and it’s relaxing. It really is. There’s a gym, pool, sauna, spa and even though the weather is a bit ‘English’ today (clouds and rain) i’m hanging out in my room, playing on my new chromebook and i’m struggling to tear myself away and go and ‘do stuff’. I feel like I ‘ought’ to be doing something more productive. Like reading a book. Like going for a swim, or down to the gym.

I guess sometimes in life, it’s okay to just waste away the time doing ‘whatever’. Like writing things in inverted commars. It might be lazy, indulgent, or restful even – either way, just going with the flow and doing what feels right in the moment, and not forcing yourself to do what you think you ought to be doing in that situation, is what makes it a holiday.


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