I had my first ever session of Reiki today…

Posted on December 14, 2013


I need to talk about this properly, and its a little late (2am) and i’m super tired.

But the one thing that Heidi did (Heidi just qualified as a Reiki practitioner) is channel into the higher consciousness. The ‘universe’ if you will.

She called on her spirit guides and my own higher consciousness and they told her that I should keep writing my journal. Heidi has no awareness that I write this blog, and she had said to them at the time (in her head this is) ‘do you mean a travel journal?’ as she knew I was about to embark on some time abroad. And they said:

‘No. Her journal.’

Weirdly, as I created my travel blog yesterday I had said to myself that this blog would become my journal, and the new one would be my travel blog.

Strange huh.

I’ve never met Heidi before, but we instantly clicked. She felt able to talk to me about her spiritual journey and how she learned to practice Reiki, and it was super interesting to me. Not easy for anyone on the planet to ‘get’ or believe for that matter, as its certainly a bit out there.

Are you spiritual? Have you had any alternative remedies before?

Do you believe in life after death? The soul? Spirits or energetic attachments? Do you know anything about auras, or the chakras? Buddhism even?

It’s all to play for, and i’m going to continue my spiritual quest in Thailand.

More to follow…

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