Post-reiki dreams

Posted on December 16, 2013


So three days ago I had my first ever Reiki session, and I was warned that weird things might happen in the following three days now that i’ve had all this release of energy.

Nothing crazy has happened if I’m honest, but I must report that every night since Friday (3 nights in total) I have had the weirdest, most vivid dreams about…. two of my ex boyfriends.

In fact, one former love interest appeared in my dreams all three nights in a row, and the other ex came to my dream last night, with his new girlfriend. Which was fun 🙂

Actually, I got on with her really well in my dream. Even though I could still feel that me and the ex had a connection, the main theme seemed to be that he is now the perfect boyfriend – something that seemed evidently a direct result of the time he spent with me.

Naturally, its possible this is just my consciousness talking to my subconscious! I’ve certainly wandered this, I’m pretty damn sure.

Where it got weird was that there was this animal, in my notebook by my bed I have described it as a ‘dog bear’. This dog bear was present in the dream, and I think my ex’s girlfriend was an animal rights activist or something and she was trying to protect the animal. I have no idea what she does for a living so I am now wondering if I was getting ‘something’ come through, a piece of information that is totally new to me that has some relevance in the real world.

Other than that, its been weird dreaming about another former love interest three nights in a row, but in my book I had written down that he had just been present, that it wasn’t romantic. By that point the dream had been a lot earlier so I couldn’t really remember any of it expect for this simple notion. Of the other dreams he’d been present in, I only remember one.

I was with his mum.

And I think it was his biological mum, but I can’t be sure. It sort of flittered between the two. I’ve never met either of them. He’s never met his biological mother either. Let’s just say she merged into one being.

She was asking me about my relationship with her son.

And in my dream I described it in the best possible way. You know when in your head you’re able to communicate things so much more eloquently, coherently, concisely etc. And I don’t remember what she’d said to me, but she was a very wise woman and she started to tell me what the future had in store. Something about us coming into each other’s lives for a reason, and that we’d come back to each other in the future.

I think I was half awake during this dream and may have infiltrated it a little bit!

I wish I’d put my notebook by my bed the other two nights as those dreams were super bizarre and from what I remember, one of them was very dramatic. My dreams always fall into movie style categories, lots of action and adventure, tonnes of guns and running away from things/people/stuff. And my former lover, the one who’s mum also came to me in my dream, was also involved in some sort of action adventure with me. It was fun.

Am going to go and google now:

‘Dreams about Dog Bears’

‘Dreams about ex-lovers’ mums’

If you struggle to dream lucidly, try this sleep meditation when its lights out. It really works!

Night x

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