Post-meditation retreat….

Posted on January 13, 2014


My facebook post from yesterday, after spending 4 days at a meditation retreat outside of Bangkok, followed by 2 days in Ayutthya relaxing, and then catching a flight up to Chiang Mai:

I am so freakin happy right now. I am completely on my own for the first time in weeks, don’t know a soul. Have loved the company I have had to date, but here I am totally solo in Chiang Mai and I love love love it! The other day on the meditiation retreat I asked the universe whether I should go to myanmar or chiang mai sinc ei was running outta time and dollar, and actually I decided on myanmar but then when deep in meditation I heard a voice, no joke, and this is a totally new thing for me…. tell me to head straight to Chiang Mai. It just came totally out nowhere. Divine intervention? God knows. Or buddah. Or the universal conscience or whatnot. But here I am. And its goooooood.


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