Small thought on addiction…

Posted on January 31, 2014


Something I wrote on my travel blog, which really I should have posted on here first.



We’re all addicted.

Or  rather, we’re all addicted to something. Even if you don’t realise it.  It could be the thoughts in your head. Maybe you tend to lean to having the same comforting ones?

Yup, addiction. You can be addicted to thoughts.

Take travelling for example. And please bear with me here. But whilst I might not do it every day, I couldn’t just stop going travelling. I don’t want to. And its more primal than that, I just can’t. When I have long periods where I don’t go away, to somewhere foreign and noisy and sweaty and hot, I become withdrawn, depressed, I feel stifled, I freak out. I crave for travelling, my feet get twitchy and I long for seeing – and smelling – some place new.

Sure, so there’s not a Travellers Anonymous, and no amount of Twelve Steps would probably ever stop me from…

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