Pop House Meditation Retreat, Bangkok

Posted on February 8, 2014



Nestled in a jungle(ish) suburb about an hour north of Bangkok off the road to Ayutthya lies a tranquil meditation retreat run by Dharmakaya monks from the nearby famous (and UFO looking) Dharmakaya temple.




… yes it also looks like a nipple

Pop House, describe what they do as ‘feel good meditation’, and their abode as a place where you can make yourself at home, receive kindness, and learn ‘The Middle Way’ a style of buddhist meditation that is about taking yourself to your centre, or core if you will. All with the intention of finding inner peace, and that ultimate destination ‘happiness’. Their website is worth a look, and there are some nice photos on there. We actually stayed at a neighbouring site, and were the first group to experience the new house.  

After a week spent island hopping in the south, I was ready for a…

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