A letter from the love you haven’t met yet

Posted on May 6, 2014


This was posted on Elite Daily yesterday and I fell in love with it. It’s utterly sublime:

Made me want to have a stab at my own one. It’s hard to even sit here and think about doing it, given the perfection of the original but still I thought the exercise in itself could be theraputic.

What do you think?

Dear you

I’m writing this, knowing that you’re out there. Somewhere. A bit lost, maybe. Battling vulnerability. Masking it with brave. Or perhaps you’re ready for it, wondering when we’ll have the great fortune of crossing paths.

I thought i’d write this to let you know that I have been searching. Getting ready for you. I know it took some time, I had heaps to explore. I started to realise that I had a lot to figure out.  I tried to grow up, explore who I am, be better. I really tried. It took a bloody long time, but I’m getting there. Happiness comes from within, and no amount of external stimuli can sustain what is essentially a temporary joy derived from a multitude of temporary distraction.

I thought I met you actually, somewhere along the line I thought you came along. Part of me still thinks maybe you did. But you just weren’t ready. We just weren’t ready. I couldn’t let go though. I’ve thought of you every day since the day I met you. You’ve always felt so close, yet really you were unreachable. Running towards me, but away from me mostly. I’ve had so many conversations with you in my head, spent hours deliberating over emails I’ve typed, only to never send them, always unsure of what to do. It’s always  felt like you were there, albeit some place else, having those same conversations too. I even tried to put continent crossings between us but that’s never served to shift that soul connecting energy – I really thought you were the one.

But i’ve realised – there’s no ‘one’ person out there for any of us. There is more than one person who can guide us, shape us, enjoy time with us, be with us. It’s about whether we’re ready to recognise that in that person, appreciating it for what it is, if you dare let them in. It’s so important to know the role a person plays and be ready to let them go.

I’m trying to let you go now.

We were meant to meet to help guide each other to something better. We were brought together to expose our insecurities, help each other look inwards, recognise our dark and heal. So thank you. I’m less of all of the things you used to accuse me of now.

Therefore this letter is for you just as much as it is for a future love. It’s still from the love you haven’t met yet, because you haven’t let yourself experience your own love, nor for that matter mine. This letter is just as much for you as it is anyone else. When you’re ready, when you’ve gone there, dealt with your fear and pain, love is there waiting. I promise.

I’ve found love. Only not in the arms of another, but my own.

Now I feel ready for another.

When you’re ready, and someone special pops into your mind, me or another lover – or you next lock eyes with someone who’s soul reaches you – you’ll know exactly what to do. And that’s the way it’s meant to be.

And to anyone else out there, searching, wondering, loving and waiting – just remember that there might be a love you haven’t met yet. So go and do everything in your power to find it!

Yours, A

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