The lessons we have to learn

Posted on May 24, 2014


We all have lessons we need to learn in order to grow and become more fulfilled human beings.

When we keep repeating the same mistakes, we further punish ourselves through loss of respect or ignorance.

Loss of respect is self explanatory but punishing through ignorance is about trapping your soul whilst your body ages.

The usual things you can measure your self improvement against are your relationships – friends, family, romantic & work. How you communicate is key, especially if you don’t want people to think you’re a douche bag.

The trick is being able to stop punishing yourself. The moment we falter, our default mode is to self-loathe. We seek twisted comfort in it when it’s our safe place. We trust it. We’ve been doing it since the dawn the of time. It’s always there, never lets us down.

As well learning what to do and what not to do (ie do more exercise, don’t do dating rubbish men, do love yourself) it’s important to know coping strategies for when we’re feeling vulnerable.

And for me, this is probably the hardest part. You can run as many miles as you can, meditate till you’re zen in the face, eat good food and grab early nights – but the darkness still alluringly beckons, given half a millimetre of brain space for it to slide into, and conquer.

Maybe some people just have it easier than others.

Perhaps we can all be a little more in control of our destiny.

More positive.

Luckier or happier.

Perhaps there is such a thing is just down trodden bad luck, too.

But explore it. Make mistakes, hell, make a tonne of them. Then learn from them. Make amends. Atone.

For fucks sake, just make things right. To the best of your capability. Don’t ever let your life be ruled by fear.

Live your life 100% in the present moment. Do what you want. Say how you feel. Tell someone they’re beautiful, without agenda, and not care about the consequences. Be authentic. Kiss, really kiss. Hold eye contact.

Think about how your actions can make someone else feel.

Be kind. Talk to strangers. Connect with the world and everything around you.

And never stop until you really feel like you have exhausted every possibility to learn how to have a better life and/or be a better person.

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