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Compartmentalization. I’m working on it.

October 31, 2014


I have never been very good at compartmentilization. I suppose as an emotional being, I have been living reactively. I very much feel a broad spectrum of emotion. I rarely cut myself off. I wear my heart on my sleave. Dont get me wrong, I dont always put it all out there for all to […]

Love is not straightforward. Nothing is what it seems.

October 30, 2014


Frustrated and confused, I said to myself – just get over it. Be strong. I don’t want to love someone who isn’t here, and for it to dominate my headspace anymore. I am doing something amazing overseas right now (I arrived last week) and I want to have fun and enjoy myself and live wholeheartedly in […]

Oh shoot, turns out i’m human after all

October 28, 2014


So I’ve been feeling quite grown up recently. Kind of adult. Less angsty.. After spending my last evening in the UK with The Great Love and slipping back into the bubble that is our weird on but mostly off relationship, I felt quite strong about it. Like I wouldn’t need to talk about it anymore. […]

An evening with Temptation

October 24, 2014


I like to sprinkle a bit of real life titilation in amongst the darkness, hence why I sometimes refer to my love life on here. I know it’s private stuff and should probably stay that way, but really – what’s this little thing called life all about, if it’s not to colour in some of the […]

Depression: everyone’s talking about it

October 22, 2014


You noticed? Everyone’s coming out. It feels less like this big scary shameful thing. I love it 🙂 People are getting kudos for being honest about their panic attacks and their social anxieties or self harming or drug or alcohol addictions. I have really struggled this October with a few things actually, which just shows […]

A conversation with Temptation…

October 19, 2014


Me. Xx Him. Hello. That was nice. X Later.. Him. How are you? Me. Am good. Been thinking about you. Him. Me too. Me. It was nice seeing you. Him. Yeah you too. Not weird. Me. Not weird at all. Him. I know. It never is though. Me. Was good. The politics connection is weird […]

Traffic spike. Was it you?

October 12, 2014


Yesterday, three people came to my site, only three. But between them they read 201 posts. Which is incredible! Really, I only write this blog ultimately for myself. But always with the thought that possibly someone might read it and get something from it. Particularly when I write posts like: Which is badly titled […]