Autumn’s settling in

Posted on October 5, 2014


I found myself sat in a strange man’s house today.

I had met him fractionaly 20 minutes earlier at the tube. We went for coffee. Aka. To his house. For peppermint tea. His flat was spotlessly clean, bed made, stylish furniture, great ironic art and even two little flamingo salt & pepper shakers on his dining table.

We talked a little.

Well, I did most the talking. The majority of, rather. I held back though. I let conversations trail off sometimes too. I feigned comfort in the silences.

Before I knew it his fingers were stroking my arm.

I can’t remember what what were talking about, but he was cute. Really cute. Like crazy cute. I kept wondering, how often does he do this?

I hadn’t kissed anyone in months. A long time. March. Since the Brad Pitt meets Danny Dyer hot guy I had seen¬†around the time my granddad died. That same guy who went off to Amsterdam one weekend, and was never heard from again.

And there I was. Kissing this stranger.

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