‘Osho’ on lust and love. Beautiful.

Posted on October 11, 2014


Love has to arise out of lust. If you avoid lust, you will be avoiding the whole possibility of itself. Love is not lust, true; but love is not without lust – that too, is true. Love is higher than lust yes, but if you destroy lust completely,  you destroy the very possibility of the flower arising out of the mud. Love is the lotus, lust is the mud the lotus arises out of.

Remember it, otherwise you will never attain to love. At the most you can pretend you have transcended lust. Because without love nobody can transcend lust; you can repress it.  Repressed, it becomes more poisonous. It spreads into your whole system, it becomes toxic, it destroys you. Lust transformed into love gives you a glow, a radiance. You start feeling light, as if you can fly. You start gaining wings. With lust repressed you become heavy, as if you are carrying a weight, as if a big rock is hanging from your neck. With lust repressed you lose all opportunities to fly in the sky. With lust transformed into love, you have passed the test of resistance.

You have been given a raw material to work with, to be creative. Lust is raw material.