Some exciting gossip

Posted on October 11, 2014


Ok! So enough now of the self awareness revelations (of which I am having many at the moment).

I have some gossip.
Last night I met up with guy from the killing kittens website.  Very randomly. Spontaneously. I expected nothing but perhaps a fun conversation.

And I ended up being drawn to him.

It was different to the guy I met on Sunday. Whereas he was a bit false and pretending to be a gentleman, this guy was natural, charming and a real gentleman. He works in film, so I am always going to be curious as that’s one of my favourite industries. But he also came with a twinkle in his eye. As well as a famous actor I like’s phone number in his address book!

We only had a quick couple of drinks but I never once went to the bar. He’s 37, a bit shorter than me but there was banter and energy.

I could see us having fun.
Two slow pecks on each cheek, nicities about how glad we are that met, a bit of arm touching and promises of doing it again and we parted company.

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