Traffic spike. Was it you?

Posted on October 12, 2014


Yesterday, three people came to my site, only three. But between them they read 201 posts.

Which is incredible!

Really, I only write this blog ultimately for myself. But always with the thought that possibly someone might read it and get something from it. Particularly when I write posts like:

Which is badly titled really, as it’s a guide to how I think I have become the best version of me, which in turn is a list of pointers as to how you might also be able to climb your way out of depression.

As mentioned, nothing is a quick fix, and if you’ve had depression or are going through it right now, this is a process that may never even really have an end date. But I suppose that process is about facing your fears head on (ie your pain/trauma/unknown) and giving it a space to come out, and heal. And dissipate. It’s taken me nearly ten years. And I’m by no means ‘cured’.

We all have bad days.

This is life!

But the bad days are easier to cope/manage/control when you understand them better. And things that used to bother me, bother me less now. So I do feel stronger. Less sensitive. More chilled out.

Anyway, if you were one of my three (okay two, that third person may have been me. I mean, there’s something about killing a three hour train journey by reading two year old posts and looking back at your own headspaces – it’s cathartic!) then thank you. I hope you found my rambles useful, or enjoyable (not sure if that’s the right word), in some way.

Do make yourself known if you’re reading this post, and thinking, yes! That was me! It would be great to talk. Let me at least, read you back. I’d like to find out more about you.

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