Compartmentalization. I’m working on it.

Posted on October 31, 2014


I have never been very good at compartmentilization. I suppose as an emotional being, I have been living reactively. I very much feel a broad spectrum of emotion. I rarely cut myself off. I wear my heart on my sleave. Dont get me wrong, I dont always put it all out there for all to see; but if I am in a mood, I can’t pretend I am not. If I am upset, you will probably know about it.

I am learning the art of not putting how I feel onto others now though. I realise that I don’t have to take everyone on the same journey I am going through. Its possible to put my thoughts to one side, and recognise that particular headspace as mine, and it doesn’t have to own me and transpire from me. I can say ‘oi, “annoyance”! You are there because of X but you can go away for now as I must deal with Y. And Y doesnt need to suffer coz of X.’

So maybe it involves burying emotions somewhat and perhaps masking them a bit. And I have spent a fair bit of time unveiling the mask, chipping away at the facade and unearthing what’s real.

But now I think compartmentalization is about taking control of ones emotions and owning them.  Then saying, ‘I’ll deal with you later’. Which then only serves to enable me to deal with whatever’s happening right now.

And 9 times out of ten my mood has then shifted by the time I am ready to deal with it and I feel less emotional. And less stressed. Which is empowering.

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