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That ‘New Smell’ Feeling

November 30, 2014


Always one for a terrible metaphor, I’ve found myself knowing and understanding the title of this blog – my journal, really – more than I could ever have realised. Because I’m unsure if its for me. This new life i’ve created for myself. ‘The Dream’. Gah! Sigh! What’s wrong with me hey? I’ve fantasising about […]

A Christmas Blind Date

November 29, 2014


It’s strange, how the universe operates. I now have a blind date, set up for when I’m back in London with a really interesting guy. I know this because I have googled his name (duh!). So it’s not even really all that blind actually. My business partner put the two of us forward for a […]

Knowing what you need, knowing what you want

November 25, 2014


I’ll always enjoy my own space. When i’m too much in someone’s company, I get antsy. I start to find things annoying. Silly things. The sound of them switching their laptop on every morning, to the kettle boiling, and doors accidentally slamming behind them – all whilst i’m cozy in my bed and trying to […]

The Fallback Girl

November 19, 2014


Oh. I get it. I’m the fallback girl. And he’s my fallback guy. If he didn’t promise his time and his attention and then disappear, we’d spend loads of time together. It would be fun and natural at first, only soon the novelty would start to wear off. I can just tell. Any amount of […]

Another day, a different mind.

November 9, 2014


I just had to post something. Just to say, thank you. Thanks for taking the time to read my mini meltdown post from yesterday and for sharing the love. I felt supported. It was nice. The key to getting through our wobbly moments, is to remind ourselves that ‘it will pass’. And it always does. […]

I am a fraud. A fraud in tears.

November 8, 2014


I don’t get it. I’ve been doing so well. Yet here I am wrapped in a towel, and I can’t stop crying. Not big fat chunky crying. Worse. Pathetic, wimpering, almost dry tears. It’s like my body doesn’t think I deserve actual tears, and my ducts are sayingĀ ‘FUCK YOU! Stop being such a wimp. It’s […]

I want to inspire people…

November 2, 2014