A Christmas Blind Date

Posted on November 29, 2014


It’s strange, how the universe operates.

I now have a blind date, set up for when I’m back in London with a really interesting guy. I know this because I have googled his name (duh!). So it’s not even really all that blind actually.

My business partner put the two of us forward for a social impact dating thing called Phat Impact. Ran by ‘Phat’ himself, he’s created a blog where he posts up photos and elaborate, almost piss takery, bios. You can then simply click to ‘date’ and it will email him interested parties.

Dubious as to its popularity in hindsight, since it’s been a week now and no one has gotten in touch to date us (he put my business partner and I up in the same post) – but the night it ‘went live’ so to speak (at the time I may have been imagining a few more viewers than just us and our parents) I clicked onto the previous blog post and staring right back at me was this picture of his incredibly attractive man. Totally my type, if it could be argued that I even have one, and I suppose I do… he was dark haired, shaved head, had light grey/green/blue eyes but olive skin and a really good smile.

I contacted Phat Impact and asked if he was available to date for either Anna or myself. And he came back, I suppose having spoken to said attractive man, and he told me, “yes!”. And that he was available to date me. Me! I have no idea if that was just because I had done the asking and Mr Phats was being polite, but either way.

So he’s my Christmas Blind Date.

Last time I had a date at Christmas was three years ago when I started seeing my now lovely friend Ray. We bought each other faux xmas presents for our first meeting. I got him a kebab pizza for £1 from Iceland, still frozen in brussell sprouts wrapping paper, and he got me a tonne of shit CDs from the record label he worked for. We had a fun Christmas 🙂

I’ve forgotten if I was dating anyone the year after that. I think I did Christmas at my flat just for my Mum and Dad and I jerked everything in thick caribbean spices to the point that my parents had to leave the apartment for fresh air. And the one after that I was in Sri Lanka for Christmas Day and then Thailand for New Years.

Oooh – I’ve forgotten that dating can be fun!

I mean seriously, what’s the friggin point if it isn’t right?


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