That ‘New Smell’ Feeling

Posted on November 30, 2014


Always one for a terrible metaphor, I’ve found myself knowing and understanding the title of this blog – my journal, really – more than I could ever have realised.

Because I’m unsure if its for me. This new life i’ve created for myself. ‘The Dream’.



What’s wrong with me hey? I’ve fantasising about doing this for such a long time, wanting to live abroad, doing my own thing.

Am I doomed to get bored this easily? Will I always have such little staying power?

The cold truth: I’m dreading 2015. And I should be excited. It seems our client wants to roll this programme out for a whole year, maybe longer, it’s amazing news! Our pilot is a success. Hurray for me! Really!

I should be happy.

Only I’m wondering how I can be involved in something else. Back home.

I miss home.

I’m breaking my own heart.