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You ever tried going more than a day without whatsapp?

June 19, 2015


If you think about it, it’s kind of addictive right? You wake up in the morning, you sleepily lean over and grab your phone, looking for that familiar (and comforting) purple light. Blue = disappointed. Purple = warm, fuzzy curiosity. Who might it be? Like anyone, I love a bit of wapp banter. I like […]

Loneliness: a state of being?

June 6, 2015


What happens when we let ourselves get exposed to loneliness? We all need to protect ourselves the best way we can from loneliness. Often it’s felt like i’ve been running away from it, or wrapping myself in a cocoon to avoid being exposed to it. But its deep within us. It’s always there, we all […]

Recovery from addiction: How I found that new thrill

June 3, 2015


Talking to Blackheath, my friend in recovery who was feeling sorry for himself the other day after relapsing, I suggested he needs to do whatever it takes to understand where the need to self destruct from, and then do everything in his power to find a new thing that makes him feel those thrills. He thought […]