You ever tried going more than a day without whatsapp?

Posted on June 19, 2015


If you think about it, it’s kind of addictive right? You wake up in the morning, you sleepily lean over and grab your phone, looking for that familiar (and comforting) purple light. Blue = disappointed. Purple = warm, fuzzy curiosity. Who might it be?

Like anyone, I love a bit of wapp banter. I like being in touch with people. Even if i’m in a grouchy mood, I can always find time to crack a funny on whatsapp to someone I love/like/am sussing out.

Sometimes the flashing is constant, other times less so. I’m not constantly on it, but I like a daily smattering of attention. Who doesn’t?

But i’m certainly not cultivating enough relationships (friendly, flirty or otherwise) to have it always there for me. So sometimes the light fades into nothingness, and what I mean by that is, there is no light. Sometimes there is no light. For maybe even a whole day. 24 hours people. No light at night. None the next morn. And when that happens, I have been known to shake my phone. Check its okay. To look at the wifi and data buttons to check they’ve not accidentally switched off. If I have no messages coming through, after long (ish) periods. No purple light. No flashing. Well… gosh its lonely. Just a little ha. Not just lonely either. Weird. It feels wrong now. Like something is amiss.

But what if we were to go more than a day, say seven days, without that app?

Would we cope?

Would I get lonely, like really lonely? Tetchy? Confused? Get FOMO? (fear of missing out).

They say now, that a holiday isn’t a holiday unless you leave your phone at home. I can imagine this is true! Its almost a miracle to spend time without our precious gadget stuck to our thumbs. But its more of a technical miracle if we can do this without feeling alone and like we’re missing out on something. An emoticon kiss? An important message from work? A long lost friend checking in to say hi, which would seriously increase your mood if you received it.

I don’t know. I am undecided. It’s not cool to be attached to your phone.

We should be happy and fulfilled without the insta-love and interaction that whatsapp provides.

Or is the world just changing?

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