[Day 1] I’m back, after nearly 4 months of silence

Posted on October 5, 2015


How did 4 months pass?

Easily. I took my eye off the ball and de-prioritised this part of my life in favour of cheap thrills. In the form of romance, fun nights out, travels and work. Yes, work can be a cheap thrill sometimes too. At least, a distraction.

I thought about writing a lot though. I even wrote some pieces, then meant to post them and never did.

But it’s been on my mind recently to get back into it.

I keep hearing the voice that came through from the lady who did my Reiki last year, who said ‘keep writing’.

So I guess I was blocked? Was this past 4 months a simple case of writers block?

In an effort to share my story with the world, my personal development journey and (occasional) pearls of wisdom I’m going to set myself a 30 day challenge. Each and every day from now until the 4th of November I shall write a paragraph or two about things I think will be useful or interesting.

Here we go!

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