[Day 2] Already i’m on the backfoot: tips for better time management

Posted on October 7, 2015


Ok ok, so I promised a daily post. I’m a day off point already.

I guess this just goes to show how time poor I am right now! I’m a bit all over the shop. But I am feel less burnt out it must be said, and I am finally getting on top of the business accounts which I have been thinking about and stressing about for nearly 4 months now.

I’m going to dedicate this post therefore so the importance of time management 🙂

There are tools out there to make your life easier. Use them!

This is what i’m doing at the moment:

  • I’ve hired a VA (virtual assistant) Bookkeeper. They’re on pause until I sign up for QuickBooks, but when I get around to doing that (ha) then they can start freeing up 1-2 days of my time PER WEEK. Imagine getting 2 days back per week of accounting!
  • I have an ‘Action Day Planner’ which breaks down my hours each day and gives me space to assign projects and tasks to each hour. I need to get more in the habit of actually using this, instead of just doing the things i’m in the mood for – but its progress all the same!
  • I am insisting I have more time for myself, and forcing myself to have days where I don’t even look at my emails. I recently went to Devon for a few days, Paris & Normandy – and i’m feeling more motivated and productive again. My passion is back. Time off is GOOD.
  • I bought a new phone and got a new number. I told 20 of my favourite people to use the new number during leisure time i.e. weekends, as I’m going to turn my old phone off at the weekends and in the evenings. I’m building up to this. Not everyone has stored the new number yet. But when it happens, i’ll be able to compartmentalise better and ignore my emails and any work related messages, which keep my brain in work mode during sacred personal time.
  • I’m clearing out ‘the dead wood’ – this is people who take up my time, who aren’t really even in my life, nor do I want them to have a place in my life. I deleted 200 people from my facebook account, and I didn’t even really know who they were – but they were filling up my newsfeed! Now I see posts from the people I actually care about, and not waste time seeing the lives play out of someone I met in a bar once.

What are you doing to gain better headspace?

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