Day [oh, whatever]…Failure. There’s lots to learn from it.

Posted on November 1, 2015


I failed.

I set myself a 30 day challenge and I couldn’t even stick to it from Day 2. Then after 4 day its like it never even happened.

I loved the idea of it – just 15 minutes of writing a day. A mere paragraph of through-provoking content that seems so totally, utterly do-able.

I’m a little disappointed with myself. They say if you do something every day for 21 days then it becomes habit. I thought my commitment phobic self could set herself 30 days and get to 21, and hence winner.

Writing is one of my ‘magic’ three.

A coach recently asked me what are the three ‘magic’ things that if you had them in your life then life would be good? I said:

  1. Writing
  2. Running (/Exercise)
  3. Meditation

I write blog posts in my head every day, and what I call ‘golden thoughts’ pass into my mind and I want to entrap them into my thought-net and then disperse of them for someone else’s pleasure. That’s a habit.

I think about meditation every day, I crave and desire and respect the way it transports me from my thought-spin. Habit.

But perhaps this is a classic failure 101 of the ambitious girl kind. I am trying to do too much.

The good news? My exercising is increasing. I’ve gotten my running up from 4-minutes of hell back in April to 20 minutes of kind-of (albeit somewhat uncomfortable sometimes)-fun, and recently i’m getting a share in a ‘natural high’ from the location of my runs: Rio de Janeiro, Flamengo promenade. I’m running down by the beach, amongst the volleyballers, basketballers, skaters, skateboarders, bicyclists and dog walkers, and its fricking awesome. I’ve been almost every 2 or 3 days since I arrived here 2 weeks ago.

If you’re curious about meditation there’s a new 21 day meditation challenge starting tomorrow, check it out HERE.

I think i’ll try for it – I mean, I know i’ll do my usual thing of skipping days and not really keeping to it, but you’ve gotta try. If you don’t try, you’ll never be in the game.

Wish me luck!

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