Shoot the damn dog

Posted on November 15, 2015


There’s a women who runs a farm. Her husband’s dog one day, breaks into the chicken coop and kills all their chickens. It’s a massacre.

The husband is instructed to kill the dog by his wife.

The wife’s husband says ‘you expect me to kill my best friend?’, whilst she hands him a shot gun.

He goes looking for ‘Pete’ the dog.

He finds him in a field, calls for him, and the cute brown labrador runs toward him, waggling his tail.

The husband, let’s call him Stephen. Stephen greets Pete, ruffles his ears and gives him some love. He then raises himself up, gets the shotgun into position and concentrates on pointing the end of the shotgun in the direction of Pete’s face.

Pete waddles backwards through the field like he senses something isn’t right. He cocks his head sideways, looks at Stephen with a quizzical look and continues to pace away from him, sure that something doesn’t feel right but confused by the love he just received.

We don’t see the next moment happen, but we hear the gun.

Then we see Pete running away into the field.

This story just helped me understand human behaviour more than months and years of analysing it has.


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