What I love about you

Posted on March 29, 2016


Aside from you being gorgeous, with these deep brown eyes that make me feel all lovely inside, I really just fucking like you. I am a fan of you.

You are a slow burn. It took a while to get to even start to know you. At first I questioned if we had anything in common at all. I still think now that I am dating someone very different to my usual type, but then at the same time I like that its not easy. I like the differences. We’re still very similar to a certain extent. We have humour, our love of food and cooking for (and with) each other, and the fact we’re both reliable, loving and loyal.

When we sleep and you cling onto me, tightly, I like that. I could forever sleeping in your arms. I like being naked next to you. Touching skin to skin.

I like feeling like you really saw me. I stood out to you. You wanted me. I’m not just anybody. But someone to you.

I like that you like me. That you think I am beautiful. That you stroke my face, and hold my hand when you’re driving and rub my knee.

Things are simple for you. You strive to be a good person. You expect the same in return. Uncomplicated way to be.

You are a good friend to the people in your world, you are always on call, you drop everything to go and be there for the people you love and I admire that in you because actually that makes you my hero. There’s not been enough heroes. And I have lost that interaction with the people that used to be closest to me. This new nomadic life I have chosen has meant I have left that all behind.

You make me want to be strong for you.

I want to find a way to make this work with you.

I am falling gently, actually a little bit uncomfortably, perhaps even messily, in love with you.

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