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He said, I love you

May 23, 2016


Our final date was dreamily romantic. A blanket placed on the Galle Face Green after dark, an umbrella strategically placed to shield our bottle of prosecco and some street food snacks which he bought from a water’s edge stall. We played a game. “Ask me a question, any question. This is your last chance to know […]

Love Letter to My Sri Lankan Beau

May 14, 2016


  A Love Letter. When you smile at me, I can forgive you for ANYTHING. Your smile makes me feel like i’m winning when you walk through my door. When you touch me, I forget about EVERYTHING. Your little touches and kisses here and there make me feel like you want me, which is a lucky […]

Default Mode: Destruction

May 13, 2016


I don’t know why I do this. Evidence-seek. Annoy. Destroy. I find reasons why: he doesn’t love me he doesn’t fancy me he only seems to want ME to worship and adore him. he doesn’t worship and adore me. I’ve been picking holes. Acting like a teenager. Pulling him up for silly things, mis-slips of words, and English […]

What a crisis can teach you about love

May 7, 2016


This last two weeks i’ve been in a crisis. Firstly, it was one of those odd ones – you know when you’re thinking, is this PMS? Or am I  homesick? Like, what is WRONG with me? I knew I was being weird. My current beau, a lovely young man i’ve been seeing for around 3 […]