Addicted to psychic hotlines!

Posted on August 9, 2016


I’ve hit both a low moment but had an incredible wake up call – one that I needed.

And how much is that level of insight worth?

We pay upwards of £100 an hour for life coaching. £80 an hour for psychotherapy. So what price would you place on the value of speaking to Psychic? To find out things about your life and the people in your life, that you otherwise might never have known?

It started a few years ago. My crazy neighbour told me about psychic hotlines. She was addicted. I internally scoffed. This same girl did web cam for fun. So it wasn’t the nuttiest thing to hear that she was addicted to psychic hotlines.

I started calling them periodically – maybe twice a year, something like that. I found it helpful when I wanted a little pick me up. I took it all with a pinch of salt – after all, how can someone pick up on your energy from down the end of a phone?!  But part of me believed it was possible through remote viewing. I did some research. I read up about quantum physics.

I’ve never been entirely closed off to the notion of people having a sixth sense. If the CIA use remote viewers and the police solve crimes with psychic detectives, then there’s gotta be something in it. When I was 18 a woman I worked with said she was psychic and she told me a few things which have come true over the years, like the name of the road I was going to live on when I went to university, and the fact that I’d end up marrying someone I’ve known 10 years first (ok so that last bit hasn’t come true yet). But then I went to see someone for a tarot reading in my university town and I asked her afterwards, are you psychic and she said “No” which sort of ruined the mystique for me. At least it meant I wasn’t so likely to have a career in nursing like she’d said I would.

A while back, maybe 8 years ago or so, I paid a visit to the School of Psychic Studies in London for a 90minute session with the most insightful guy. I purposefully dressed neutrally, didn’t show off any of my personality and tried to not give him to too much “to read me” from. And he knew so many personal details that a person just couldn’t know, like how I kept having relationships with younger guys. I often am able to say, following a reading, “yeh but anyone could say that and I’m sure most people would like to hear that about themselves” but this guy, he was something else. And so that experience is what made me really believe.

Before I started my business I went to see a woman in Surrey for a spiritual healing session, based on a recommendation from a trusted friend. I came away thinking i’d been ripped off, but she’s a very successful celebrity psychic so maybe she just had an off day.

The calls started shortly after. Once i’d started the business I was feeling lonely. I was too proud to ask outright, “am I going to meet my soulmate”. You do feel a bit daft asking that at first (mainly because you know most people probably do ask that, and I don’t wanna be like most other people!). I always asked for a broad reading across career and relationships. More recently, around November last year, I was told I was going to meet someone in an airport or en route somewhere. I did. I was also told that I would meet someone in a foreign country earlier this year, and we’d have tonnes of chemistry. That he’d be a simple bloke. But kind. And I did.

In India last year an 82 year old taxi driver reached over behind him in his car and touched my business partner’s knee and said “you’re going to marry an Indian guy!”. He then told me I had a lucky nose, copped a feel in between my thighs to confirm I didn’t have cancer and then said that the next year was going to be full of sex! Oh how I wished him to have been psychic.

This last month i’ve made a terrifying number of calls to approximately 8 different psychics. I’m going to call it a blip.

But you know what? Whilst the amount I’ve spent is a bit bum clenching, the advice and guidance I’ve had is 100% worthwhile.

And I even had an incredible breakthrough….. quite a powerful one in fact. And it’s changed something, about the way I view myself. It made me realise I still have got quite a lot of work to do on myself about something. Which might make a massive difference in something… something i’m not quite prepared to talk about just yet.

This post has been written for entertainment purposes only.