I had a great bowling date

Posted on September 12, 2016


Since I implemented my “3 key rules for dating success” I have seen a sharp turn in the right direction, involving a rather nice 35 year old chap from Ghana/US, and a sticky bowling ball.

Forgiving that he was 30minutes late (usually a black mark in my book – but he’d had a taxi fail) I recall being pleasantly surprised when he walked in and gave me a huge grin. I remember feeling excited and relieved. He was cute!

We went in for a play date, as friends. This was the tone set by whatsapp the night before. We bowled, played pool and ping pong. Best of all three. He won. But I was so totally winning the bowling till my last, rather fortune, duff shot, allowing him to steam ahead with a few extra points. To which he danced. Then joked I lost on purpose to let him win. Maybe I did. Maybe I didn’t 🙂

By the end of the date he was asking if we were in the friendzone, to which I replied “I don’t think so… not yet at least” with a coy smile.

He even accompanied me to Lidl where I bought a celebration dinner for myself – which he helped me curate. I didn’t tell him I was celebrating of course. But it meant I could send him a photo of his co-creation later, meaning the “end of date thank you text (or not)” wasn’t even an issue. In fact, he text pretty much as soon as he got home. My foodie message came later.

Not heard from him since Saturday night which is a good thing – no one likes a boy to be too keen.

Whether it stretches beyond i’m open to the mystery of the unknown but for now i’m smiling.

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