Happiness is not a result, it’s a choice – Chelsea Dinsmore gives inspiring talk

Posted on September 28, 2016


To quote Chelsea Dinsmore, “happiness is not a result, it’s a choice”this is a powerful statement from a women who only 12 months ago lost her husband to a tragic freak accident whilst they were both on a career break travelling around the world.

“You are limitless. The only limits that you have are the limits you put on yourself. And when you shut down those limitations, you open up to possibility.”

Here she is at World Domination Summit 2016 earlier this month talking about choice, recovering from the harsh loss and adjusting to her new reality, and turning tragedy – loss, rather – into a gain.

“You are limitless. The only limits you have are the limits you put on yourself.” Chelsea continues to reveal how taking over Scott’s business, has opened up her life to things she could never have imagined were possible. Furthermore 150,000 people have been supported by the organisation as a result.

She’s now the CEO of Live Your Legend, a global community of likeminded individuals passionate about doing something meaningful in their lives and careers.

I personally discovered Live Your Legend when I started _SocialStarters. I was writing curriculum materials for our training course, researching inspiring Ted Talks. I came across Scott’s Ted Talk and well, the rest is history. I showed that video a number of times this last two years, and inspired a few others.

I encourage you to listen to Chelsea’s story below. You can watch more inspiring talks from World Domination Summit 2016 on Chris Guillebeau’s vimeo channel.