Why do you read my blog?

Posted on November 4, 2016


If you have so much as even read just half of one of my posts in the last 4 years, I would just love (!) to know why you still follow me …..other than that you just haven’t gotten around to un-following me yet….. 😉

I’m writing a book you see.

I don’t screen what I write on here all too much (you may have noticed) so what you get is the raw truth. Vomited emotion. It’s ugly, chaotic and rambling at times sure – annoying even – and then there are these moment when I can feel you’re there with me guys and it’s beautiful. I love those times.

I don’t have many readers (maybe 200 or so? And I don’t know where you’ve gone to Crazy Bag Lady but come back!)…. so there is a helluva lot of responsibility on ya’ll to hit me up in the comments box with just one or two words about what you like about my blog, the themes I discuss or my writing per se.  I wanna find out, gods honest truth, because if I was to write a book about relationships, its down to you guys really as to what the main areas to cover might be. What do you want more content of when it comes to love?


Always X

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