Chapter 2: A Micro Romance

Posted on April 20, 2017


A Micro Romance.

We’d shared a first kiss in his car a few nights before my birthday. Ah-ha!

So this ‘love-at-first-sight’ thing still exists, I thought. He was cute and funny, and it was more than lust as we bonded about being in the same place our lives. He got my angst, shared my quest for betterment and was passionate about living the dream; culminating in a big career change and a move to the country in search of a more balanced life. I’d nailed the career change but hankered after the latter. He’d achieved both. We shared a similar vision and talked a lot about our dreams, plans and growing pains. Tinder brought us together whilst I was trying to engineer a move to the coast away from the city. I wanted to see what the male population had to offer and et voila, we matched straight away. A week of daily chatting and a phone call led to a romantic date and late night texts. I am a relatively good judge of character and this guy was kind, adventurous, intriguing and, well, kind of like me. And he seemed to really like me! I know it sounds super lame but I felt like we were going to end up together, I had this strange feeling I had met my match.

I returned to London, and after some wonderful messages back and forth and plans to meet up, he stopped talking to me, totally out the blue. I contacted him a few months later on Facebook, to which he apologised explaining he was ‘in a bad place’ and that was pretty much it. I’ll leave it with to you to make a judgement on that, but I tend to think love is the greatest reviver for ‘bad place’. Henceforth, for him, it wasn’t love.

One thing i’m learning about love and romance is, there is rarely any certainty. In any of it.

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Stay tuned! Tomorrow I will post the next chapter….

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