Chapter 6. Job Seeking.

Posted on April 26, 2017


Job Seeking.

From November I started seriously looking at new work opportunities. Having been self employed now for 4 years, I’ve always found a way to get by and this last 2 years it’s my business which has been the main source of income for me. Since the business income has been reduced since early last year I’ve had to supplement that income through renting out my apartment on airbnb, as well signing up for job seekers allowance and claiming housing benefit (in some of the more frugal times).

Whether it was some freelance work, an interim contract, or a temp job or part time role I knew I had to get some extra income secured to continue my life as an entrepreneur. But first I had to figure out what it was that I wanted to do. The first wave of job seeking saw little or no return. I must have applied for a bunch of roles, and I quickly discovered how lucky you are to even get a rejection letter. After a while of rejection letters you start to hanker for a less efficient email service.

Something wasn’t working so I spruced up my CV. Winter is a bad time to be looking for work, but in January I was starting to be called to interviews. Bingo! My CV was working.

Orchestrating a career change

Job seeking when you are technically career changing is tough. I was pretty much applying for jobs that I haven’t really done before, but jobs I knew I could do, and had some experience doing in or around other roles, or in my time running my business. This meant that I had to revise my CV for every job application, as well as create an awesome bespoke covering letter, hunt the recruitment team down on linked in, and send a personalised follow up email to try to help get you more noticed; and after a while it was feeling like it had become a full time job.

But whilst my focus was starting to narrow down, and I was getting interviews, I noticed I was coming away feeling heavy. What if I actually got the job? This question would linger, and my gut would wrench. I really I didn’t want to do this kind of work anymore. After 2 years running a business, I was burned out. And terrified I was throwing myself back into the fire.

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